A service freely applied by retailers, tourist tax refunds now form an integral part of retail sales. They allows tourists who are not resident in the EU to. Unique in Europe, this new service - known by its French acronym PABLO (programme for processing tax refund slips by optical scanning) – has been introduced to. VAT REFUND PROCESS IN. FRANCE. HOW THE INTERACTIVE. PABLO BARCODE READER of time to deal with the VAT refund formalities. TAX REFUND. MADE EASY WITH.

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How do you obtain a tax refund? · You must be staying in Europe for less than 6 months. · You must have your original passport with you (indicating an address. Tax refund can be claimed on your day of departure at your airport terminal. The claiming process must be completed within 3 months from the goods purchase date. opportunity to reclaim tax overpaid in France and that all reclaims are filed with the French tax authorities which a refund is being reclaimed.

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By getting the VAT refunded by the French Tax Administration. You pay the full purchase price and then apply for the refund by the French Tax Administration. French VAT reclaims must be submitted by 30 June of the year following the year in which the invoice was raised. If this deadline is missed, then the VAT is. If your non-French company does not carry out transactions that are liable for VAT in France, it may, under certain conditions, be refunded VAT connected with.