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First worldwide ISO standard for Occupational Health and Safety enters into force. ISO replaces OHSAS On March 12, , the long-awaited. We offer six versions of our products to simplify the process for organizations that already have other management systems (ISO , ISO , etc.). Organisations currently certified to OHSAS will need to migrate to ISO by 30 September to retain certification recognition. To start your.

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The essential difference between ISO and OHSAS is that ISO focuses on managing your organization's impact on the external environment. OHSAS , Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems – Requirements (officially BS OHSAS , but often mistakenly called ISO ) is a British. OHSAS is the internationally recognised standard for Occupational Health and OHSAS has now been replaced by ISO Occupational Health.

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certification & training. Find out why and how your business should get certified to OHSAS This standard has been replaced by ISO Now organizations complying with OHSAS have got migration period of three years starting from 12 March to upgrade their systems on ISO. OHSAS will soon be replaced by ISO , the new health and safety standard. Click here to learn how to migrate to the new standard with ease.