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Treatment of heavy periods (menorrhagia). Birth control pills contain a progesterone-like hormone, which makes the lining of the uterus thinner and causes. Iron supplements. · Ibuprofen (Advil). · Birth control pills. · Intrauterine contraception (IUC). · Hormone therapy (drugs that contain estrogen and/or progesterone). Estrogen hormone-based birth control pills, patches, IUDs, injections, and vaginal rings are often the first line of treatment for women with heavy periods.

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Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) – Select NSAIDs like ibuprofen can reduce pain caused by menorrhagia and make your periods lighter. · Birth. In some women with heavy bleeding, the total blood loss per cycle progressively decreases with continued use. The number of spotting and bleeding days may. Moderate. Tranexamic acid during menses. Hormonal Therapy. Combination estrogen-progesterone oral contraceptive pills ***. or. Oral progesterone-only hormone.

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Oral contraceptives are often effective in treating excessive menstrual bleeding, as they regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce excessive or prolonged. The progestogen-only pill (POP or mini-pill) also works by stabilising the lining of the uterus. If you take progestogen throughout your menstrual cycle, the. Many aspects of bleeding can be affected, and these effects can change over time. Periods can be longer, shorter, heavier, or lighter, depending on the method.