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If you're after a cost-effective balustrade or barrier solution then look no further. Quite simply, our wire rope tension kits are the strongest around and. Muzata Stainless Steel Cable Wire Rope For Railing,Decking, DIY Balustrade, 1/8Inch,7x7,Feet/Meter WR www.lifebelavino.ru: Business, Industry & Science. Our range of stainless steel wire balustrade systems can be installed horizontally or vertically. Vertical stainless steel wire rope balustrade is a great.

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AWR Solutions only recommends the use our own internal factory swaging system when purchasing the BlackEtch range of hardware and wire rope. Alternative Swaging. Our vertical wire rope wall system is ideal for use on commercial and domestic properties as a modern alternative to classic styles of bannister. All 4mm wire rope and balustrade components are produced from high quality grade stainless steel ideal for indoor and outdoor use. DIY Wire Balustrade Kits.

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Choose from a massive range of wire balustrade systems to suit practically Jaw/Swage Bottlescrew Stainless Wire Balustrade Kit #1 Wire Rope Diameter. The stainless steel 3mm strand wire rope system is a simple and cost effective alternative to our cross bar system. It can be fixed to most surfaces including. We recommend using a 4mm 1x19 stainless steel wire rope is industry standard for wire balustrades. This is a stiff wire and stays straighter than other wire.