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Features and Benefits:Adjustable thumb CMC orthosis offering individualized fitting for CMC stability during prehension, pinch, and gripSqueeze the metal. The Push Ortho CMC Thumb Brace significantly relieves pain, placing your thumb in a functional position so you can feel comfortable even if you wear it for. The Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis places the thumb in a functional position and guarantees optimal hand function. The metal insert allows the brace to.

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The MetaGrip is the most streamlined & durable CMC thumb brace available for the relief of CMC Osteoarthritis. Wear during all work/household activities as. The PUSH Ortho CMC Thumb Brace is designed specifically for treating arthritis in the basal joint of the thumb. The brace places the thumb in a functional. Push Ortho Thumb Brace CMC The Push CMC stabilises the basal joint of the thumb (CMC-1) and places the thumb in a functional position. This guarantees optimal.

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I use the thumb orthosis by push braces purchased at my hand dr's office and I got the CMCcare thumb braces as a back up. They don't seem to offer me as. Allows you to maintain your functional freedom, by stabilizing the thumb CMC joint without impeding other joints. Item has little to no use. Push® MetaGrip® Thumb CMC Brace · Pain Relief: Considered the gold standard of thumb CMC care in the US, the MetaGrip is proven to relieve thumb CMC (basal joint).